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While Reading Through the Gospels 1

While Reading Through the Gospels 1

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Matthew's Gospel is a continuation of the Old Testament. Just as the book of Genesis explains the first Adam, Matthew's Gospel explains Jesus, the second Adam.

Matthew's Gospel was recorded particularly with a focus on the Jews. It is also the only Gospel book in which the word "church" appears. Additionally, the other Gospel books speak about the kingdom of God, but Matthew's Gospel speaks about the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, we would not be able to properly understand Matthew's Gospel if we were to read it on its own.

Through the series "While Reading Through the Gospels," we can piece together and examine the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. As we do so we will be able to find the grace of God who gave us hope in our lives in this world by adopting us, who were foreigners and Gentiles, as His children.

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