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While Reading Through John’s Gospel 2

While Reading Through John’s Gospel 2

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Explanatory Notes

1. The King James Version of the Bible is used in this book unless indicated otherwise.
2. This is the second of a series of books based on 55 sermons (There were 56 sermons, but two of them were combined as one.) Each sermon was originally about two hours long.
3. The speaker approached John's Gospels in chronological order focusing each sermon on a specific passage. 
4. After each sermon, the speaker and a team of editors spent time reviewing the content of the sermons. 


8      Except a Man Be Born Again
9      For God So Loved The World
10    He Must Increase But I Must Decrease
11    Living Water that Quenches Spiritual Thirst
12    The Essential Nature of Worship and the Eternal Harvest
13    The Appropriate Response to Faith
14    The True Sabbath: Eternal Rest
15    Eternal Life and Eternal Punishment
16    Why Read the Bible?

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