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The Way of Death and the Way of Life

The Way of Death and the Way of Life

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What was the answer God gave to mankind who is walking on the path of life that is nothing but destruction and misery? 


Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death. (Jeremiah 21:8)



1. Who Can Bear a Broken Spirit?

2. Where Are You Going?

3. The Spirit That Is Heading for Eternity

4. The Peace That the Bible Brings

5. The Two Paths Along Which Man Has Lived

6. The Way of Man Is Not in Himself

7. Call Upon Him While He Is Near

8. The Word of Life That Came Down From Heaven

9. The Scriptures Testify of Me

10. There Is a Way That Seems Right to a Man, But Its End Is the Way of Death


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